Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 70

tips to beat candy crush level 70Candy Crush Level 70 can be tough but soon you will be beating candy crush level 70 like a pro. If you can master the combos and keep the chocolate in check, then you will get through.

Combos and Chocolate

This level is hard cause the chocolate will get loose then you will not be able to make moves in the right column. So do not release the chocolate until you know that you are able to handle the chocolate overflow.

The best thing to do is try to get a wrapped candy and a striped candy together at the bottom of the left board, then release it so you only take out the chocolate. Then you are free to make moves to clear out the right column. This will probably not happen, so you are going to have to prepare for damage control on the chocolate.

Get most of the right side in check, then when you are ready, release the chocolate by knocking out the blocks. Make sure you have horizontal striped candy ready on the left, and vertical candy ready on the right.

If you can put two wrapped candies together on the right column, then you are golden. Also the sprinkle candy with the striped candy will cause havoc. So try to land 2 or 3 well timed combos to get through this level.

The key to the level is to plan ahead and know what will happen when you make a move, so predict where the candies will fall.

Candy Crush Level 70

Are you having issues beating Candy Crush Level 70? These Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 70 are only helpful if you get really lucky. To be honest. So keep at it and you will conquer Level 70. Leave a comment below and let out your level 70 chocolate frustration!


  1. What are the halos (circle, clouds) that appear at the bottom of the left table and top of the right table?

    • candycrusher says:

      Those are transports that take your candies from one side to the other. It is important to understand how these work so you can plan to drop the candies in the right place.

      • I don’t understand how these halos work or how to use them. I’m stuck!

        • Liane Adele says:

          I don’t see how the candies are going through these “halos” and coming out on the other side. This is extremely frustrating! I try moving candies on the left with a striped candy and nothing happens on the right side!

    • It’s no fun anymore, I’m ready quit….

  2. I have been at 70 for days and days. It is impossible. I get rid of the chocolate easy enough sometimes, but there is never enough time to clear the jellies. I feel like quitting this game and telling people to avoid it. There are just too many blocks to level 70. And we need to be able to obtain some boosters somehow. Other games do it without having to buy.

    • I agree, it’s not worth it and I will never spend money to play let alone beat a game!

      • I’ve been at 70 and it’s not very fun. I will not spend money on any phone app game. I agree with Dawn and Ellen

    • I agree. If it is all chance then you have no chance or strategy because you have to rely on the algorithims of the game. I’ve been at it for weeks and I am about to quit because it isn’t fun anymore.

    • After being stuck on level 70 for days I did purchase a few gold bars to buy the teeth to get rid of the chocolate and licorice which I guess I got ripped off because I tried to use the teeth and all I got was the screen to buy more gold bars,I really like the game and I am a member of a game site that I pay for but I dont appreciate being ripped off by getting nothing that I paid for.It just isnt right.

    • I have quit playing at this level and I have at least 3 friends who have also quit. Too bad…this game was fun when it was easier.

    • Pat Brasher says:

      I am about ready to quit playing this game. Level 70 is totally impossible to get past. It really does not make any sense. I have been stuck now for 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with all the negative comments regarding this level. I have been at this level way to long . It is no longer fun, extremely frustrating, and in my opinion, an unattainable configuration of successful moves.

      • I’m with all the comments about this level. As Jan says, I have been on this level for a very long time and it is NO longer fun. I refuse to pay money to proceed and ready to take off my computer.

  3. this level is stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oh man this level is stumping me, I cant get rid of the chocolate! Parasitic stuff gets me everytime! I am not lucky enough to get rid of the bottom layer (right side) only. Hate this level! Argggg

    • Fran Murphy says:

      Only one side moves. If u dont have a move but 1 move from
      thebget go, well ur out of luck. I dont get halos or clouds.

  5. Level 70 is nothing but a drag.

    You folks need to get it together so we can have access to extra lives when we get them. What a rip off.

  6. level 70 sucks im quiting the came and telling everyone not to play

  7. Yet another TEDIOUS jelly level. Ridiculously uninventive to just throw in more jelly and chocolate that the levels are getting predictably yawn-inducing rather than excitingly challenging.

    Plain tedious and stupidly longwinded. I think it is time to delete candy crush in search of a less repetitive challenging game.

  8. Thanks for the tips! This is the most difficult level yet.

  9. I found a way to get new lives. Go to your time/clock, change it 3 hours ahead. Then go open Candy Crush, you’ll see you have 5 new lives. (BUT) don’t play the game yet, you will need to go and reset your time back 3 hours to the original time. ONCE you reset your time then go play your game.

    You can repeat this as often as you like…. BUT remember before you play, ALWAYS GO REST YOUR TIME BACK…. Have fun….. OHHHH I am also stuck on 70, it’s a witch spelled with a B… :(

  10. I agree with all your comments regarding quitting the game….this level is just boring with your only chance of advancing is that just chance and luck. Not only is the chocolate so freakin’ annoying the game is forcing moves that I would not usually make. I had one game that is shuffled 6 times!!!!!! Not buying anything and looking for a new game!!!

  11. I am stuck on Level 70 and it is no fun at all. I could be at this for months. I am thinking of quiting Candy Crush. I dread coming to play this Level 70 every day.

  12. Loved candy crush till….level 70…it’s impossible, have been stuck here for weeks now , am not trying to go any futher. Will miss the challenge of the game,but am too disallusioned to go any futher

  13. This level is crap. whenever you seem to have things set on the right and then try to set up on the left one little mistake or something your not aware of happens and all is lost. this game is supposed to be fun not what seems to be nearly impossible.

  14. I love what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to our blogroll.

  15. Level 70 is too hard. And KING gives you a lot of moves in the first try, but after that, they give you nothing. A lot of my friends have quite Candy Crush. It’s ridiculous to keep playing, when KING doesn’t give you any good moves.

    Also, have any of you noticed how KING will reshuffle when you only have 1-2 moves left. How assinine!

  16. This level sucks….totally takes the fun out of it….so done….good luck to the ones that keep on.

  17. If you can take out the bottom chocolate rows first, you can probably win the game!

  18. I finally managed to pass this level!! WHEW!:)

  19. The only reason I keep trying is because I don’t want to be a quitter…but in the case of level 70 I am a hater!

  20. The only reason I keep laying is because I’m not a hater, but in the case of CC level 70 I am a hater!

  21. Horrible level and I don’t really want to play this anymore. Its part of their plan to get you to purchase moves. They put bullsh*t levels like these in to force you to buy moves. I cleared the chocolate and had over 30 moves left. Then I was left with only 1 move at the top left. I wasted over half of moves and every time I was left with only one move so there was nothing I could do.

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  23. I’m addicted to this game and don’t want to quit although Imam bored and frustrated with level 70. I will keep,trying but don’t like having to Buy lives!

  24. This is stupid and difficult level. I can’t get rid of this.

  25. I hate this level too. I’m so frustrated. I keep saying I’m going to stop, but it lures me in. I refuse to pay. So I will try to get through it on the help of my friends

  26. Okay so I have gotten rid of the chocolate and still had 30 moves, BUT not moves on the right and the halos do NOT move them over to the right unless I am clueless about the halos they do nothing. It’s so annoying. I literally had 30 moves and no moves on the right and no way to get any!!!

  27. Can someone explain the “transporters” and how they work??

  28. Countrygirl says:

    This level 70 is really challenging however, I never been a quitter at anything but this one well, it’s over for me. Unless your one of the lucky ones to get all the right candies to get you thru this level, then it is impossible. Goodbye Candy Crush!!!

  29. I’m beginning to think that there is no way to beat level 70. I’ve been at this for a few bloody weeks now, i hate this game but can’t stop playing the blasted thing.

  30. I have really enjoyed Candy crush until level 70 think I may as well quit. Sad

  31. I was really enjoying playing candy crush until number 70. It seems imposible
    To beat. I think i will stop playing and save some money

  32. I have just started this level and I can see this will be the worst. I am unable to get striped candies on the left side at all!!! How can I destroy the chocolates???? Grrrrrrrr.

  33. it’s an awesome game but I also like the app that I play on ma iPhone. But still it’s pretty gud

  34. candy crush makes me hungry for something sweet!

  35. wow lost over 20lives in two days the best ive done is got down to two jellys left with no more lives this was all luck you run out of moves on the left trying to get the good candy i wont be on here for months like some lol

  36. Level 70 is a bitch. Ready to quit. It was fun up until this level. Someone needs to twerk it like they did for level 65, which I thought was easy.

  37. Level 70 is too hard, the chocolate is too prolific & I am not able to MAKE striped candy as the combinations I am given do not allow it, also the candies that normally devastate are no where near as effective, it takes too many passes on the jelly as well, I am going to give up soon!

  38. These tips are not helpful..this level makes no sense what so eva..I am getting fed up with it and will probaly quit if I don’t get some help.

  39. I have been stuck on Level 70 for a long time now. I, like so many others, refuse to pay. Soooo what is a good alternative game that I can download and play for free?
    Suggestions please and thank you!

  40. candycrusher says:

    Candy Crush Level 70 is really hard. Good luck trying to get through :)

  41. No, I’m finished with candy crush!

  42. I have really enjoyed playing candy crush but am probably going to move on now. Level 70 depends virtually all on luck and little on skill so it is actually pretty boring.


  44. colby freeman says:

    i too have been stuck at level 70. i am so stuck, i don’t even understand some of the comments made above. how do you make four pieces into one piece, how do you move left to right. what the hell are the halos and clouds do. is the idea to get rid of all the chocolate and the jelly? sometimes on the right side i just get a row of jelly with nothing in the squares-they are just empty. i don’t want to quit but i am not buying anything to get thru this. so what is another great game to play. it was so much fun until this.


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