Candy Crush Level 70

candy crush level 70Candy Crush Level 70 can be tough if you do not focus on the horizontal striped candies. Follow these tricks and you should be able to make it through… eventually.

When trying to beat this level, keep the boxed in candies intact. Try not to get those right away! Instead, try and take out the higher jellies on the right hand side. To do this, work on the upper left corner of the board to try and get a wrapped candy and striped candy together to mix. If you can mix the wrapped and striped candy, then take that without getting the boxed area.

If you do unleash the chocolate, you have to keep it in check. The chocolate will quickly overrun the right hand side, then you will have a tough time. If you have the chance to get a sprinkle candy and a stripped candy, take it. Then get ready for the chocolates to spread.

I was stuck on this level for SO LONG!

How long have you been stuck on this level? What are some tactics that helped you get through the level. I think this is the level in candy crush when I realized how much I hate chocolate!

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